Residential Tenants & Tenant Associations

Catharine Grad has been representing residential tenants and tenant associations before Housing Court, Civil Court, Supreme Court, and the Division of Housing and Community Renewal for over twenty-five years.   

Eviction Proceedings:

  • Non-primary residence proceedings
  • Owner use proceedings
  • Illegal sublet proceedings
  • Succession claims
  • Rent disputes
  • Mitchell Lama tenants

  • Market-rate tenant  
  • Co-Op Proprietary Lessees
  • Subtenants and Roommates

Apartment Conditions:

  • “HP” proceedings
  • Rent strikes
  • Tenant Association Representation

Rent Overcharge Claims:

  • Rent Stabilized tenants
  • Rent Controlled tenants
  • Preferential rent issues
  • Individual apartment improvements  

DHCR Proceedings, including :

  • Reduction in service applications
  • MCI applications
  • Demolition applications
  • Failure to Renew Lease applications


  • Hearings before Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)
  • Hearings before Environmental Control Board
  • Disputes with co-op boards
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